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What’s the Buzz?

We had a very successful first session of What’s the Buzz? today. As mentioned in my earlier letter, I will be posting just a few suggestions of ways you may be able to support your child further at home. These will build on from our lesson focus.

Lesson 1: Meeting people and exiting
These can often be awkward skills for some and by explicitly teaching them we offer an example of how to initiate improved social communication. Ways you can support include:

What do children see?
Think about how you, as a parent, greet and say goodbye to people. How are you demonstrating these communication skills? If you greet and farewell in a warmly manner then share these examples with your child.

Be encouraging
Talk to your child about the importance of a warm greeting. It is more likely to lead to a conversation and friendship. Sometimes we feel shy but often others are feeling the same, so ensure them that they are not the only ones.

Mental Rehearsal
If on your way somewhere, have a quick rehearsal of things that could promote warm conversation and different ways of greeting others. Practise whenever you have the opportunity.

Today students identified ways that they could initiate a warm greeting. Ask them to share these with you!

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Student Led Conferences

Just for those who won’t be receiving the information form about the student led conferences due to absence, I have uploaded an image of the page so you can book a time slot.

The time slot is for maximum 30 minutes however conferences are likely to go for roughly 20-25 minutes.

Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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Room 11 update

Hi everyone.

I hope you are all well. Just want to update you on some things happening this week and next.

Tomorrow (Wednesday week 7) we will be having our relay run offs for sports day. It would be good if students were dressed in appropriate running shoes and pants to assist them in the run.

Thursday of week 7 we are booked in to complete a PAT-Mathematics test. Hopefully everyone will be well enough to attend. If not they will need to sit the test with a back up group at another time. Same will go for out PAT-Comprehension test that will be completed on Monday of week 8.


Unfortunately I was unwell Friday and Monday so wasn’t able to get homework sheets out for this week. There will be no homework specifically, however I would still encourage students to practise their Oxford words. If you are missing any of the lists then let me know and I can copy another one. Not all students will have every list in their take home folders. These will be tested again at the end of the year to monitor students’ progress.

The hats are back in town! Please ensure your child has a hat that is named. Over the next week or so every student should have a hat and will need to wear it in order to do fitness, PE and break time play.

Don’t forget to return Subway envelopes for sports day and What’s the Buzz? survey forms.

Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


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Book Week Success!

Another successful week in room 11. Students looked fantastic in their book week costumes!

Have a great weekend everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

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Thank you to YOU!

A massive thanks to our Colonel Light Gardens school community. We have raised just over $29,000 from our Lap-a-thon sponsors and donations. This is almost double what we were aiming for. Now we can start planning and constructing our new science/kitchen facility!

Just a reminder about BOOK WEEK. Thanks to Simone we have some fantastic workshops planned to celebrate book week this week. This will include a performance on Thursday so please don’t forget to return your note with payment before then. If you need a form let me know.

We also have our fabulous book week COSTUME PARADE on Friday at 10:20am around the netball courts. Teachers will all be getting into the spirit and we encourage students to come dressed as their favourite book character. Costumes can be worn for the whole day as long as they are appropriate and comfortable for learning. Otherwise students can bring their costume to change into and then change back into their school uniform afterwards!

If any students are wondering what I am dressing up as, my clue to you is ‘I love jewellery, especially the royal type’ ๐Ÿ™‚



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Science week continues…

What a fantastic week of discovery it has been! Our science week has had students completely engaged in their learning and I have been particularly impressed with their teamwork skills. Tomorrow we will be testing our newly designed tools to see how quickly we can melt butter.

In addition to that, to cap off our science week, we will be looking out how heat can be removed. Our investigation involves some jelly making. If you have any issues with you child eating jelly at the end of the day please let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

There will be pictures and news from our science week in next week’s newsletter so stay tuned!


PS Don’t forget about the book week performance notes.



School Photos

Just a reminder that school photos are this week on Wednesday morning followed by family photos later in the day. ย Students must bring their photo envelope with them. I am happy to hold onto the envelopes if students bring them in tomorrow.



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ICAS Maths

Just a reminder that the ICAS maths test will be this Tuesday 8:50am – 9:45am. For those who ย  have booked their child in to participate, please make sure they are at school early as they will be sent over for the test as soon as the bell goes.


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Week 4 Science Week

Science Week

Hi everyone

This week is National Science week and Room 11 and Room 12 are celebrating with a week of science. We will be running an investigation each day of the week. Hopefully everyone is feeling well and will be able to attend so they don’t miss out!

Shapes Investigation

Just some clarification on the weekly challenge. I have asked students to start brainstorming some ideas for their robot’s design. They may want to think about what shapes they will use for each part of their robot remembering that at least a prism and a pyramid must be used and altogether five different 3D shapes will be used. We will be constructing our robots at school not at home. The sooner they can bring their brainstorms back to school, the sooner we can start our planning process.

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend. Looking forward to a busy week of learning!


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Lap-a-thon fun!

What a bunch of superstars!

Great effort by room 11 giving their all in the Lap-a-thon today!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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