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Lots to talk about!

Wow what a massive week we had with swimming and science! We had all sorts of weather over the week but students showed great resilience swimming in any condition. Well done!


Apologies for the abundance of notes that have been coming home. As hopefully everyone knows we have an excursion to the Hallett Cove Conservation park on Wednesday. It is important that we have the consent form, medical form and payment received before Wednesday to ensure that students can attend.

Students are also invited to bring money for a splice type ice block. $4.00 is enough to cover this however it may be cheaper and students will have change to come home. The kiosk is ensuring that they can supply enough for all three classes. I am happy to hold onto ice block money if you send it in a named snap lock bag or envelope. Please DO NOT send the ice block money to the office when paying for the excursion.

At this stage it is looking like we will have some rain on Wednesday. Please have students pack the following in a medium sized bag:

  • hat
  • drink bottle
  • rain jacket
  • sunscreen
  • insect repellent (if you allow)
  • Lunch and recess
  • a spare pair of socks in case shoes get wet

Students must wear school uniform, aside from the rain jacket, and it is important that they wear sneaker type shoes suitable for walking on rocks.

We will be departing from school at 9:30am and returning by 3:00pm.

End of Year Concert

Room 11 and 12 are singing ‘Blame it on the boogie’ as our concert song. We have some moderated lyrics that will be sent home this week for students to practise. We also sent home a note regarding ideas for costume on the night. Hopefully it will be easy enough to find something on the list 🙂


I understand that this can be a busy time of year with extra commitments after school. It is for this reason that I will not be sending homework sheets home for the remainder of the year. I still encourage students to read, work on maths fluency and practise oxford words when possible. As of this week we will be retesting oxford words and assessing reading so that results can be updated into our system. If you feel like extra work is needed then please let me know and if you need to contact me you can send a note with your child or email me at any time. 


As we near the end of the year it is normal that we all start to get a bit tired and unfocussed. Please just give students a general reminder about what is expected at school and in the classroom. Remind them also that we are still in the process of placing students in classes for next year so working well with friends and making good learning choices is one thing we are looking for!

Have a great week everyone!


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Room 11 update


Hi everyone

Next week is swimming week for room 11. At this stage it looks like we will have some warm weather!

I just want to remind everyone of a few things:

  • notes and payment need to be in prior to Monday
  • The sessions are at Unley outdoor pool. This means that all students must have a rashie or t-shirt that covers their shoulders (long sleeve preferred)
  • Students will need to provide their own sunscreen. As our session is the last one of the day we will be applying before we go.
  • Students need a drink bottle
  • Please make sure that all of their belongings, including towels, drink bottles, goggles and clothes are labelled. It is amazing how easily things get lost at the pool!

If you are planning on visiting your child at the pool please inform me first. A badge must be worn for the time that you are their and we would appreciate it if we could know in advance. If you organise the badge prior to attending then the centre staff will know not to charge you when entering. Our session will run from 1pm – 2pm. Students must return to school after their session.

Science Week

On another note next week we also have Science week. Room 11, 12 and 16 are using this opportunity to have half science and half swimming week. We will be focusing on the impact that erosion and weathering have on Earth’s surfaces in lead up to our excursion in week 6.

Thanks 🙂

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Digital Readers

  1. I hope everyone has had a nice start to their weekend.

Yesterday each student was given a login card that looked like this…

Each student has been set up with an account that is full of digital books. These books are designed specifically to assist in developing decoding, fluency, and comprehension skills. There are questions at the beginning and end of the text as well as interactive elements throughout the texts as well

These books have been allocated based on each student’s reading capabilities. Follow the link and give them a go! They are suitable for everyone however any students still taking home a levelled reader should hopefully find this an easier alternative than taking a new one home every week.

Please let me know if you have any issues 🙂

In other news, next week we will be working on a design task and we require every student to have two 600ml empty water bottles. If you are able to contribute any bottles that would be fantastic!


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What’s the Buzz?

Winning and Losing
A common hurdle we have in schools is the competitive nature of lunch time sport. As this is not organised sport it is hard to monitor rules and fairness and students often become distressed, especially those who are used to the organised nature of club sport.
Everyone likes to win. It feels good when we win but with every competitive game comes a loss. Winning and losing graciously, are skills that some children struggle to comprehend. Our What’s the Buzz session looked at the characteristics of a TRUE WINNER and things to say and do following a win or loss. See if your child can share with you some statements that could follow a lose or a in.

Things that we can model to children:
Highlight what you value. Winning may be an end goal but shouldn’t be seen as the single most important thing.
Show that there a wins in all games and they are what you make them.
Experiencing and dealing with loss makes us stronger. Encourage actions of resilience such as not giving up, acknowledging effort, appreciating the winner’s success, setting a goal for next time.
Identify gracious behaviours of others when you see them.
Identify ungracious behaviours when you see them and talk to your child about how that person could have responded differently.

Identifying Feelings
Being able to read other’s feelings can sometimes be difficult. The characteristics of many feelings look similar so it can be hard to tell them apart. Today we talked about how to identify feelings so that we can adjust the way we approach different situations. Sometimes particular feelings aren’t really suitable for the time at hand. Students in room 11 did a fantastic job of discussing different feelings and identifying ways in which we can adjust our behaviour to suit the situation.
It is a hard skill to learn but an important one!

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What’s the Buzz?

This week in ‘What’s the Buzz?’ we have been looking at ‘Following Instructions’ and ‘Being Friendly’. Here are some ways you might be able to support developing these skills at home!

Following Instructions

I think every student in room 11 determined that they don’t always like doing what they are asked, or at times don’t follow an instruction properly. We talked about why it is important to follow instructions as often we don’t like to do something if we find no point in doing it.

Some reasons to follow instructions included:

  • It shows that you are growing up and as adults see more cooperation they will give children more freedom.
  • It is helpful and good relationships depend on others being helpful.
  • It can stop you from getting into trouble and allows you to be successful when completing tasks.
  • You will feel proud of yourself for having done something especially if you would prefer not to do it.

How you can help

  • Model good listening strategies such as looking at someone and listening when they are giving instructions. Give visual signals or demonstrations too to provide clearer instructions.
  • Work on practising a simple instruction each day such as loading the dishwasher, starting homework when asked, tidy the bedroom or help cook dinner. If they do it voluntarily then give children praise so they feel good about it.
  • Reaffirm that communication is the key. Acknowledging that you have been asked to do something is important and then negotiations can be made for a time to do it in case the child is busy. Without acknowledgment it can be often be misunderstood as just being ignored.

This skill is very important both at home and at school so explicit practice will help children develop these skills more effectively.

Being Friendly 

When being friendly we want to think about how we present ourselves. Without realising we can often scare people away with expressions that aren’y necessarily how we are feeling. Things to assist in being friendly and developing good friendships include:

  • A Friendly Face – Softening your eyebrows, smiling and making eye contact with the other person to let them know you are interested.
  • A Friendly Body – Having a relaxed stance without crossed arms or clenched fists and considering you proximity to the person by not standing too close or too far away.
  • Friendly Words – Use polite tones of voice with friendly greetings, be sure to ask questions and not just talk about yourself or things you want to talk about, and give a compliment when appropriate to show that you genuinely care for the person and have acknowledged things about them.

Ways you can help

  • Give children a chance to have play dates with others to practise these skills.
  • Role-play some scenarios with you child to demonstrate some friendly behaviours.
  • Create a poster with you child that explains the recipe for Making Friends and includes some of the above ways to be friendly.
  • Just practise these gestures at home such as greeting others, asking others about their day, giving hugs, helping with tasks, smiling more often and thinking about tones of voice.

Whilst most people say that practice makes perfect, after attending some training recently someone mentioned the idea that practice makes permanent. This has really stuck with me and at the end of the day practice is only useful if we are making the effort to do it right!

I hope you all have a good weekend and I will be back with more What’s the Buzz? news soon. Don’t forget to ask your child about it!


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Welcome Back!

One more sleep before we are back into it. I am looking forward to seeing some refreshed faces tomorrow morning:)

Now that we are into term 4 it is important that all students have a hat for PE, fitness and break times. Without a hat that may need to sit out of lessons and play under the shady tree during lunch and recess. Hats go missing all the time so please make sure they are clearly named. We regularly check in class to make sure students are wearing ‘their’ hat and not someone else’s so naming them makes it easier.

Could any students that took their ‘Rules and Laws’ poster home please bring them back to school as soon as possible so they can be marked and displayed on the hallway boards.

An overview of term will go home soon however just a reminder that Swimming will be in week 5 of this term and notes will go home shortly.

Homework will start again as of week 2. Oxford words will be tested again towards the end of this term so encourage students to keep practising. These words are delivered with context in sentences so knowing the meaning as well as the spelling very important. Contractions are a tricky one!

That’s all for now. See you tomorrow!


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3 more days to go!

Hi everyone

Japan Day

Tomorrow is Japan Day. Just a reminder to students that they can dress up in Japanese themed attire, however it is not a causal day. For those that do not have an Japanese themed clothes you just come in school uniform. The Japanese comedy performance starts at 9am. Please be at school by the time the bell goes so we can move to the hall as quickly as possible.

Pink Enrollment Form

It is very important that I have these pink forms back by the end of this week at the latest. These allow us to see our student numbers for next year and help us to begin the class placement process. Spare forms are available at the office if you need.

Casual Day 

This Friday it is casual day to celebrate the last day of term. No payment is needed however just a reminder that clothes must be school appropriate and sun safe!

Only 3 more days to go!


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What’s the Buzz? – Getting Attention

Today’s session for ‘Whats the Buzz?’ was focussed on how to get someone’s attention using friendly and constructive behaviours rather than demanding behaviours.

Many children who seek attention in negative ways do so because they believe it works for them. It has become their habit. It was interesting to see that every student in room 11 put their hand up to having used some demanding behaviours to get attention before.

Something you can do to support your child at home is to:

  • Catch positive behaviours and comment on them. When you hear or see demanding behaviours, ask your child to rephrase the way they ask for things when they use phrases like ‘Can we go…’, When will…’, ‘Can I have…’, Why can’t I…’, etc.
  • Promote the idea that we cannot control the behaviour of others, but we can manage our actions and responses. Encourage your child to understand that as they learn to seek attention by using friendly approaches, others (adults and children) will be influenced to like them.

Today we looked at characteristics or friendly behaviours and demanding behaviours. Have a chat with you child about what these behaviours might look like and get them to act out some examples!


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Room 11 news

Well sports day was a great success. It was nice to see so many families out and about supporting our students!

I haven’t sent any homework sheets out. It has been a busy week with student led conferences and sports day so I thought a break was needed. This week we have Japan Day on Wednesday and also casual day on Friday. Casual day is free but just a reminder to wear sun safe clothing.

I am still waiting for some pink enrolment forms to come back. These are necessary for determining class placements for next year so please return them asap. If you are in need of another form they are available at the office.

The weather is heating up so it’s important that students have hats if they wish to play outside or participate in fitness and PE outside.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂


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Sports Day update

Sorry for the confusion but the white booklet that went home today unfortunately has some errors in the timetable and information . The office are reprinting in the morning and I will hand out updated booklets to students in the morning which they can pass on to you if you are attending.

The pocket size timetable for room 11 is correct so you can use this as an alternative.

Please remember to send your child with their own sunscreen as it will be sunny and warm tomorrow and they can then reapply throughout the day. I’m sure our skin has forgotten what sun is!

Hope everyone gets a good night’s rest.

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