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Term 4 begins!

And just like that the holidays are over again! Hope you’re all ready for the busy term to come.

Please remember to:

  • sign Diaries for the last week of term 3.
  • Bring hats to school and wear sunscreen as the days get warmer
  • Chat with your child about behaviour expectations heading into this last term, especially year 7’s. Often within these last couple of months students can begin to derail with the excitement of High School around the corner. Rick already said his bit at the end of last term so a friendly reminder from myself and parents would be great too. Let’s finish this year on a positive note 🙂
  • call the office, or email me, with explanations for absences

See you all tomorrow!


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Happy Holidays

Happy holidays everyone. A restful break is well deserved after the busy term. What a way to finish off with the Festival of Choir and our ancient Egyptian exhibit. Thanks for everyone that managed to come along on Thursday evening to see our students’ amazing work.

See you all on Monday in two weeks!

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Room 2 update

Welcome back for another busy week.

Sports day recap 

Congratulations to Jackson on a great win last Friday. It was a nice way to finish off the week. A big thanks to our House Captains who put in a great deal of effort and time over the last month or so. I can safely say I am still recovering from the teacher relay!

Ancient Egypt night 

Hopefully everyone has received an invite to out Ancient Egyptian Museum Exhibit.

It will be a wonderful display of the students’ work across all year 6/7 classes.

Enrolment intention slip

Can year 6 students please return the yellow enrolment intention slip as soon as possible.


Just a reminder that the HASS homework task is due next Wednesday. I have poster paper ready for students to collect tomorrow. There will be an hour provided on Friday for students to work on these posters in class.

Student Led Conferences

Thank you to all the families that came in last week. It was great to touch base with everyone and the students enjoyed the opportunity to share their work and take on the role of a teacher.

That’s all for now 🙂

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Room 2 important information

Hi everyone

I hope you’re enjoying the weekend so far. I just have a couple of bits of information.

Student Led Conferences are this week coming. I have 12 families that haven’t booked in a time to come in, however the online booking system closed on Thursday night. Can you please email me with a preferred time

The following times are available:

Monday (3:30-4:00 one session free OR 4:00-4:30 OR 4:30-5:00)

Tuesday (3:30-4:00 two sessions free OR 4:00-4:30 OR 4:30-5:00 OR 5:30-6:00 OR 6:30-7:00 OR 7:00-7:30 )

Wednesday (3:30-4:00 one session free OR 4:00-4:30 OR 4:30-5:00 two sessions free)

Thanks to all who have booked in a session.


Homework – On Thursday I sent out a homework task that is Due Wednesday of week 10. This is an assessment task as a part of our History unit and there will be no class time set aside for this other than the time already taken to go through the task. Although it is to be presented as a visual display, students can use technologies to type their information in order to help with neatness and organisation. I will supply poster paper for students. Many assignments throughout high school will require students to complete as a homework task so here is s a rough guideline to keep students on track:

  • By the end of week 8 students should have sourced some information based on their inquiry questions, highlighted or taken notes on the key points. The library also has good resources that students could borrow in our Tuesday borrowing time. A list of resources needs to be noted.
  • Throughout week 9 students should be constructing text, relevant to the questions developed, in their own words either directly onto their poster or typed up ready to transfer.
  • Throughout the 3 weeks, students might begin to draw their chosen god. This will be a good opportunity to break up the research and reading. Remind students that this is not the main point of the task so should be given the least amount of time in comparison.
  • Week 10 should be editing and final construction of their display poster.

I have attached the task sheet. Part 2, creating 3 inquiry questions, requires students to answer them as well not just create them. There has been some confusion as it was not stated clearly.

Thanks for your support on this.

God’s task-17lqcj0


Have a good weekend!




PAT testing

PAT testing will take place tomorrow from 8:50am-9:50am and next Thursday at the same time. Please encourage students to come into class to get ready for the day as soon as the doors open so that we can be in the computer room as quickly as possible.

Any students who are absent will do a catch up test with a supervising at another time.


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Half way through week 7!

Well the term is disappearing in the blink off an eye.

This week is already half way through with a much needed long weekend ahead 🙂

Student Led Conferences

Next week (week 8) are student led conferences. You should have received a note that looks like this

Please follow the prompts to make an online booking for your time to come in.


This week’s homework is an Adelaide Show Maths task. Students must complete two out of the three tasks. It is due next Monday.

Some students are yet to finish their Historical Journal assessment task and may be completing this at home as well. These were due today.

Thanks 🙂


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Week 6

This term is flying by!

This week has a couple of  interruptions with NAPLAN online testing today, choir ‘magic millions’ tomorrow and relay run offs on Wednesday. Friday will be our last session of Growth and Devloment.

There is an updated menu for the canteen. Copies for the youngest are in the classroom.


HASS – Students will be working on historical journals throughout the week. These are due Tuesday of week 7. Three more hours will be allocated for class time.

Writing – Please remind students that recounts were due today. I am still waiting on a couple to come in. A hard copy is preferable. Alternatively students can save them in store first this tomorrow if they have no printing credit.

Maths – Puzzle (due Friday week 6) will be given out Tuesday

Premiers Reading Challenge

A reminder that premiers reading challenge is nearly finished. Students have until the 7 of September to complete the challenge. If students need a new sheet they can download one off the library blog. We are aiming for another year of 100% success rate.

Thanks 🙂

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Homework for this week includes:

Maths – Reflection coordinates task (Due Thursday)

Recounts – Final Copy (Due Friday) There will be an hour of allocated in class time on Thursday.




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Week 5

A quick recap of week 4, courtesy of J.Z.

Week 4 was a busy week for the students of room 2.

All the students successfully logged in to their emails and are beginning to use to use them more regularly. On Wednesday we had our annual school photos. Everything went well. We took an amazing funny photo.


On Thursday we had an incursion called Music Is Fun. Some of the student in the class learnt choreographed dances. They then performed them with students from other classes and the people running the incursion, along with other items in the performance. It was an entertaining and enjoyable show.

Friday was a very busy day. We had our second lesson of growth and development with Sally, as well as a whole school assembly. Congratulations to T. M. for winning the school value award. We also had a math test to finish of our algebra topic and will begin the transformations topic this week (Week 5).

All in all it was a very busy but very successful week for room 2.

Book Week Parade

Although as students get older dressing up may not seem as “cool” anymore, we are encouraging all students to get into the spirit and dress up on Friday for our book week parade. I will be dressing in the theme of Ancient Egypt and I invite students to join me! Some students have already sorted a costume, however I hope we can encourage others to get involved too!

Stay tuned for a Homework Update that will be posted tomorrow!

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Week 4 begins


Room 2 will have their class, and single photos, on Wednesday at 10:00am. Family photos will be held across Tuesday and Wednesday in no particular order. SRC executives will have photos taken Tuesday morning at 8:30am. Don’t forget to bring your envelopes. Hair can be worn down for photos.


Digital Technology – Students have been set up with school emails. They need to send me an email so that I can add them to a contacts list. They also need to send their allocated partner an email that contains a binary message if the binary numbers were to symbolise letters of the alphabet e.g. a=1, b=2 etc. Students must add me into this email as well.

I have already received a couple of emails! (to be completed by Friday)

Encourage students to sign up to the blog too!

Maths – Find the rule task (To be completed by Friday. Can be handed in at any time)

Khan Academy – Sometime students might need a visual representation of a problem or concept, or perhaps parents want to refresh their maths skills. I use Khan Academy to review maths concepts and I find it very clear and explicit. There are videos for a variety of topic across different year levels and often there are practice questions to follow up. In case anyone is interested I have attached the link.

Have a great week! Keep the Grok and excursion notes coming please. We will be starting soon and don’t want anyone to miss out.

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