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Assembly Week 4

Hi everyone.

We have decided on a last minute presentation at assembly today. Some of the students will be reading their poems. Assembly starts at 12:10pm if you are interested in attending.

Also, a friendly reminder about camp payments. They must be paid by next Friday the 2nd of June.

Have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend.


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Room 11 News

I hope everyone is having positive week!

It has been a nice relief to get over our NAPLAN week and have a sense of consistency in the classroom. Well done to all the year 3s for a fantastic effort last week. Thanks also to our year 4s for being flexible and patient.

Just a quick reminder about camp notes. I have almost all of them back but I need to finalise details by next week. If your child has any dietary requirements (allergies) that I haven’t been informed of, please email or see me by Monday next week at the latest.

I also appreciate the amount of absence forms that have come back to me so promptly, thank you.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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Great start to term 2!

Welcome back everyone!

Room 11 has had a fantastic start to term 2. This week NAPLAN is on so just a reminder for students to be at school by 8:50am please. This includes Year 4 students so that we can be organise with roll check etc. The year 4s will be working with Simone in the library during NAPLAN sessions doing a small history inquiry. Although we have done some test like revision we just want students to do their best so please reassure them if they are feeling anxious or stressed.

Also, just a reminder about absences and late arrivals. If your child is absent we need to be provided with a note once they return to school or a phone call can be made to the school on the day (this option saves me a lot of time and is preferred). Thanks to everyone who does this already or emails me in advanced when an appointment is coming up. If your child is late, they still need a note. Later this week I will be sending home notes for some unexplained absences and late arrivals that need to be returned please.

Thanks 🙂

Looking forward to another great term!


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Happy Easter Everyone

What a term it has been! I am super proud of Room 11’s efforts this term and am looking forward to more great things in term 2. Have a safe and relaxing school break and I will see everyone next term. Here are some photos from Enterpise Day and our science Incursion.



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This Week’s News

Hi Everyone

Firstly well done to Room 11 for their fantastic efforts running assembly last week! I had lots of great feedback.

Just a few reminders for our last week of term.

Tomorrow is Enterprise Day. Room 11 will be selling their upcycled art products just outside the library from 12:30pm to 2:00pm. Students will complete a 15 minute shift at their stall and will then spend the remainder of the time enjoying the Enterprise Day fun. Please be mindful of the amount of money you send with your child. Small change is appreciated. Every student will need to be wearing their hat throughout the event. Students need to stay at school for the remainder of the day so that we can reflect on our event and make suggestions for next year. Please do not take your child home early.

On Thursday (last day of school) it is casual day for those that bring a gold coin donation. Casual clothing needs to be school appropriate and sun safe. We also have our class party from 12:00pm till 1:00pm in Mortlock park. Please bring a plate of sweet or savoury food to share. Students will not need to bring lunch this day. Families are welcome to join both Room 11 and Room 12 for the class party!

Lastly, please do not forget that Thursday is an early dismissal at 2:10pm.


Jess Roberts


Week 10 Update

Well we are nearly at the end of term and room 11 have still got a busy couple of weeks ahead.

Thanks for everyone making time to see me for parent teacher interviews. You all made it a very positive experience. I enjoyed the much needed extra hour of sleep on the weekend!

Please don’t forget to bring in notes. We are currently waiting on some Science Incursion notes and payments, some learnlink ICT forms, and permission slips for the Easter workshop this Thursday.

Room 11 are hosting this weeks whole school assembly. It will start at 12:15 sharp but I suggest getting there at 12:00 to get a spot if you are coming along to watch. It is a squishy 40 minutes with the whole school attending.

Science incursion
This Friday we will be participating in our science incursion. It will be held in room 11 and 12. Because the rooms will be used for other classes across the day Room 11 will be based in the Library and this is where students will need to meet in the morning.

Wish us luck for assembly 🙂

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Week 9 Update

Evening everyone! I hope you have all had a good weekend.
Just a reminder that parent teacher interviews are this week. Please be mindful that each appointment has a maximum of 15 minutes. I will cover as much as possible leaving time for questions but if you feel more time is needed we can then arrange another time to meet again. I will endeavour to have all appointments running on time.

In other news, we will be commencing the construction of our enterprise day products this week. Tuesday from 2:00pm till 3:00pm and Wednesday from 11:40am till 3:00pm (break for lunch). We are still in need of materials so if you have any of the materials listed in the previous post we would love as many as possible. I would also love any helpers so let me know if you are available!

Jess Roberts

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Enterprise Day

Good afternoon everyone!

As we are all aware Enterprise is creeping up on us. Room 11 will be tying in elements of Enterprise Day with some basic financial maths and most importantly our Waste Management Inquiry. We have been looking at the concept of Upcycling and how old and used objects can be given a new and more exciting purpose. Our Enterprise Day stall will be selling Upcycled Art products created by the students. Today we have been planning our potential products and students have come up with a list of some materials needed:

Upcycled materials include:

  • bottle lids (plastic, metal, all sizes)
  • cardboard from old boxes
  • tin cans (all shapes and sizes, no sharp rims)
  • buttons
  • old photo frames

Supporting materials (do not need to have been used)

  • googly eyes
  • magnet pieces or rolls of magnetic strips

If families have any of these materials and are willing to donate them to our class that would be amazing. We are still in planning stages and collecting our materials but one day next week we will have a ‘construction day’. If there are any parents available to help with this aspect I would be delighted to have you here 🙂



PS. Just a reminder that Parent Teacher Interview bookings close on Friday if you haven’t already booked a session!

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Week 7 here we come!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their extra day off this weekend! We are passed the middle of term now with only 5 weeks until the first school break. Many exciting things are coming up including Harmony Day in week 8, Parent Teacher interviews in week 9, Room 11’s assembly in week 10 and enterprise day in week 11. More information on some of these events will be out soon.

Hopefully you are all aware by now that we have a 2 night camp booked for week 6 in term 2. Notes have gone home for me to gauge expected numbers for the camp so please return your notes as soon as possible. I have already received many notes back which is great!

Math fluency packs are now in action. It has been great hearing back from students informing me that they have been using their pack. Whiteboard markers are quite expensive and it is for that reason that only cheap ones were sent home however you could pick up a decent one for no more than $5 at office works if you find that your pack one isn’t working. I have created several additional packs for students that live across two locations. Please email me if you feel this would benefit your child so I can send home a second pack. Thanks to those families who have already done so.

Bring on week 7!

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We are scientists!

I hope everyone is staying cool! Off to a good start this week in room 11. Today we were exploring the question of whether bean seeds are living or non-living. We observed the difference between a dry bean seed and a soaked bean seed whilst working in our collaborative science groups. Ask students about what their roles were in their science group today and what they discovered. 

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