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Week 4 begins


Room 2 will have their class, and single photos, on Wednesday at 10:00am. Family photos will be held across Tuesday and Wednesday in no particular order. SRC executives will have photos taken Tuesday morning at 8:30am. Don’t forget to bring your envelopes. Hair can be worn down for photos.


Digital Technology – Students have been set up with school emails. They need to send me an email so that I can add them to a contacts list. They also need to send their allocated partner an email that contains a binary message if the binary numbers were to symbolise letters of the alphabet e.g. a=1, b=2 etc. Students must add me into this email as well.

I have already received a couple of emails! (to be completed by Friday)

Encourage students to sign up to the blog too!

Maths – Find the rule task (To be completed by Friday. Can be handed in at any time)

Khan Academy – Sometime students might need a visual representation of a problem or concept, or perhaps parents want to refresh their maths skills. I use Khan Academy to review maths concepts and I find it very clear and explicit. There are videos for a variety of topic across different year levels and often there are practice questions to follow up. In case anyone is interested I have attached the link.

Have a great week! Keep the Grok and excursion notes coming please. We will be starting soon and don’t want anyone to miss out.

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Week 3 done and dusted

Week 3’s post courtesy of C.D, B.VR & H.P

This week in class we did a number of things. One of the highlights was doing binary. Recently we’ve started to do binary and we have learnt how to code with it. We have to see what the number in binary is and then what letter is equals using a key. It’s been awesome to learn a new “secret language” that none of our parents will understand!!!

We also did a well-being survey. This was to check up and see that all students are well and OK.

We have started the new topic ‘Ancient Egypt’ in HASS. So far we have learnt about the black lands, red lands and a range of Ancient Egyptian words. Along with our topic of Egypt, we started a new class novel called Pharaoh. What we know from it so far is that we definitely need to polish up on our Ancient Egyptian vocabulary.

Today (Friday) we got to catch up with our buddies. They’ve come so far with their reading since they last read to us.

We also started Growth and development…that’s all we’re going to write!

Recently we have been doing recount writing. Miss Roberts has been encouraging us to make them more interesting. She has called this ‘Banning the Boring’. We have to make a sizzling start like we would in a narrative.

That’s all for now, stay classy room 2!



Photos will be held in week 4 (next week). Room 2 will have their class, and single photos, on Wednesday at 10:00am. Family photos will be held across Tuesday and Wednesday in no particular order. SRC executives will have photos taken Tuesday morning at 8:30am.

Book week

book week-11eb833

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Week 3

A busy week ahead for room 2. Apart from our usual program we will be starting Growth and Development, participating in a Start Smart financial literacy session on Friday, undergoing well being surveys, and voting for sports day house captains.


Maths – Substitution expressions (Due Friday)

Writing – Ongoing completion of improved recount writing. We will be beginning the planning process tomorrow and continuing with this process throughout the week. (Plan and draft of descriptive sentences due Friday)

The plan should include

  • Sizzling start
  • 5 senses description
  • Randomly formed descriptive sentences
  • a rough sequence

Have a great week. Please keep the notes coming. Especially growth and development which is needed by Friday.



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Week 2 done and dusted

Week 2’s post, courtesy of P.M and A.S

This week got off to quite a cold start as the heater was broken…again! We have been learning algebra and how to figure out the unknown variable (E.g. 3x-4=11). The value of the x is 5. The way we’ve been taught to work this equation out is productive and simple.

Other than maths, throughout the week we’ve also learnt about the Narrabeen Man. The class has been talking and collecting information to solve the mystery of why he might have been killed those 4000 years ago.

This week we also started some new guided reading. Each morning for 30 minutes groups will either be doing, group reading, read to self, reading with Miss Roberts or Writer’s workshop which is a creative writing task from the ‘Once upon a slime’ book by Andy Griffiths.

On Thursday was the disco. Kids seemed to enjoy it with lots of dancing and thinking. It seemed to be a good fundraiser. The rest of the week was pretty cruisey.


Applications for year 7 sports day house captains are due to Mrs Boothey no later than 9.00am Monday morning.

Notes to be returned – Growth and Development, Unley excursion, Choir.


Stay tuned for more on what’s happening in room 2. Have a great weekend!


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Room 2 update

I hope you have all had a great weekend! To change things up a bit this term, students will be giving a short recap of the week to add to the blog.

A Smooth Start to Term Three

by O.L. & D.G.

Just a quick update for week one. This week was just bringing us back into reality after the school holidays.

So far this week we have started a new maths topic, unfortunately its algebra!

We also did some basic procedure writing on how to make a vegemite sandwich, no one was successful. It was to simulate how specific you need to be when giving computers and technology instructions. We then tried as a class and eventually succeeded. The best part was that we were allowed to eat half of a vegemite sandwich at the end as a reward.

Overall it was a great wat to start the term and were all looking forward to week two!



This week’s homework involves a part of our investigation into ‘The Narrabeen Man’. Students have a timeline task to complete – Due Thursday week 2


Currently the two notes that need to be returned are for Growth and Development, and our Excursion to Unley High School (went home Friday). Thanks to those who have returned the Growth and Development note already.


Hats need to be worn now as of week 2. No hat = no participation in fitness or PE.

This Thursday is the disco. 6:30pm – 8:00pm. Tickets purchased at the door. Come dressed in your favourite designed clothes!

Looking forward to week 2!

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Quick update

Welcome back everyone.

Just a heads up that students who haven’t yet finished their LED cards and scientific explanations, have them to finish for homework by Friday this week.

Also a reminder that hats are back this term and students will need to wear them in order to participate in PE, fitness, or general outside play during break times.


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And a new term begins!

Hope you have all enjoyed the break 🙂

I am looking forward to another successful term in room 2!

Just a couple of reminders to get us started:

  • Hats are back this term as of week 1
  • School starts on Tuesday, Monday of week 1 is a Student Free Day.
  • Make sure diaries are signed for week 10 of term 3 and brought to school Tuesday morning. Being organised and getting diaries signed is a requirement for all students in order to receive a stamp in their Professional Passports.
  • Room 2 will feature in week 1’s newsletter so be sure to check it out!

See you Tuesday! 🙂

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Holiday Time

With the holidays underway, I trust that students are enjoying some much needed rest time. We have had an enormous term with camp, new furniture, SAPSASA, LUTA, student teachers, report writing, design and tech challenges, athletics trials, and not to mention just our usual day to day class work!

Well done to students for submitting their Novel Study assignments on time. I look forward to reading the different interpretations and perspectives of our class novel.

Hats are Back

As we have been re-accredited as a Sun Smart school, the Cancer Council now require hats to be back on from the beginning of term 3. Please get organised with this over the holidays ready for week 1. Don’t forget to label with a name, and a room number is helpful as it can easily find its way back to us!


Enjoy the break and we will see you in two weeks!


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LUTA and more

Hard to believe it is all over but a huge congratulations to the performance that students put on for us at LUTA. Mrs Woodlands always commends room 2 for the effort they put into their Music lessons and what a way to share all their learning with the school community. I am super proud!

Homework – A reminder that students are to be completing tasks for their novel study at home as well as in class time. Completed assignments are due Thursday of week 10.

Notes – Today a note went home for permission to watch PG rated videos. As a part of our history unit we would like to watch a documentary that has a PG rating. If you could please sign this note that is in students’ diaries that would be appreciated. All programs are viewed by myself before sharing in class.

Thanks 🙂

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Room 2 update

Hi everyone

Another weekend has come around so soon! I just want to touch base with you on some things going on in room 2 at the moment.


On Tuesday (week 7) students were given an English assignment to be completed as a homework task. The assignment requires numerous tasks to be completed and it is due Thursday of week 10 (Just in time for some holiday marking!) I have attached the task outline so that students always have access to a copy at home. The most important aspect of the assignment is that they are demonstrating their understanding of our class novel. Therefore all of the tasks should reflect information taken from the book and be relevant to the contexts of the story. Aside from completing unfinished work, this will be homework for the remainder of the term. Students have two sessions a week of in class time to work on this and check in with me for feedback. I expect to see evidence of progress by Friday of week 8.


Next week we will have a series of rehearsals for our LUTA performance. These are all happening in the last parts of the afternoon so if you can avoid early pick ups, that would be great. I sent home extra notes to those who hadn’t returned them. Please send them in as soon as possible. I will chase down individuals on Monday if necessary but if you can save me the time that would be greatly appreciated.

I will send another reminder out next week, however just a heads up that on the night of the performance parents will need to sign students out at the end of the night on a sheet provided. It is essential that we know the whereabouts of every student before we leave.


Due to some time restrictions our History topic ‘Ancient Egypt’ has been put on hold until next term where we will run it with all year 6/7 classes. For the remainder of the term we will have a focus on Migration. I will send students home with a small task on Monday to find out a bit about their families roots ad history. In case you read this sooner, feel free to discuss this over the weekend and talk about any family who may have migrated to Australia, or to or from any other countries.


Novel study-26lho6e

Have a lovely weekend and if you had a chance to grab the advertiser today, one of our lovely students has featured on the front page!

Jess 🙂



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