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Parent Teacher Interviews

Just a last reminder about interviews. I have attached a photo of the information sheet in case one didn’t make it home to you. Bookings close tomorrow (Fri March 23) at 3:30pm.

I look forward to seeing you all.

Thank you 🙂

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Parent Teacher Interviews

Just a reminder to please book your parent teacher interview time online. Thanks to those who have done so already. If you have any issues with not being able to make any of the times listed, please let me know so we can arrange something.


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Harmony Day

Hi everyone

In case any students are unaware, tomorrow is Harmony Day. Students are invited to come dressed in national costume or dressed in orange which is the harmony day colour. If not dressed in either of these two options, students will come in school uniform.

There will be a parade at 10:15am on the netball courts to celebrate all the national costumes.



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Just a quick one..

Today is National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. As a class we talked about the impacts of bullying and in particular cyber bullying. It is really important that we continue to be aware of it and find ways to speak out for ourselves or others. We can very easily be caught up in our own lives and own feelings but need to remember that what we say and do for others is important. Before saying something negative to someone think about the kind of day someone might have had or what is going on in their lives. For all we know they are having a really hard time and although frustration causes us to say and do things out of character, we need to think about how we may impact someone else’s life in the process.

Please talk to your child about this if you get the chance. Model how we can help others and speak out when we see people in need of help. Due to the growing number of students on social media, we need to ensure they are aware of how to protect themselves and speak out if they have any issues.


Parent Teacher Interviews

The information note for parent teacher interviews has gone home tonight. If you are away or unavailable throughout this week, please let me know so I can organise another time to meet with you 🙂


Have a great weekend!



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Room 2 update

Well it is hard to believe we are past half way through term 1 already!

Just a bit of general information to keep you up to date.


It would be appreciated if you could return the camp note as soon as possible so that we can have a closer look at our attending numbers. Even if your child isn’t attending, we still need the note returned please.

BYOD user agreement forms went out last week. These are only for students planning on bringing an iPad to school. Please return as soon as possible. We are still waiting for the technicians to set up the last couple.

Please ensure that when your child is absent you either inform the office, email me, or write a note in your child’s diary. Unexplained absences have to be followed up and can be a very time consuming task for both myself and the office. Thank you.


Last Friday a mini assessment task was sent home as a homework task. This is to be completed over two weeks and due Thursday of week 8 ready for presentation on Friday. It would be great if you could check in to make sure your child is on track. They are encouraged to come and see me for progress feedback in case there is room for improvement. Other than this, there will be no set homework as such other than the occasional finishing off from classroom tasks. Those students participating in a range of SAPSASA sports may have additional tasks to catch up on at home.

Please encourage students to remind you about signing and checking diaries. It is expected that 80% of the term’s weeks are signed as a part of the passport requirements.

Classroom Learning

Last week we started our Geography topic “water in the world”. The focus so far has been on defining weather and climate, looking at the water cycle, different types of rainfall, and thinking about how we store and use water. We will be looking at weather maps on Friday and their features. If you get a chance, watch some weather forecasts with your child and talk about some of the features. We are also looking at exponents, and tomorrow moving onto root numbers, in maths. Next week we will work our way on to fractions.

Some of these topics may be a great conversation started to check in with your child’s learning.

That’s all for now!




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Bettong Visit

Hi all

Tomorrow (Friday) we will be having a special visit from a student’s pet Bettong. The visit will be after lunch in the park. As far as I am aware we do not have any specific animal allergies, however if you have any issues with this, or anything I need to know, please email me.



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Room 2 Update

This week!

This week we have been exploring the concept of ‘fair trade’. As a part of our HASS topic we are looking at the responsibilities we may have as a global citizens. If you get a chance, next time you are out shopping with your child, have a read of some of the products to see if they can spot out any information associated with fair trade.

We are also expanding our creative writing with the use of similes. You may want to ask your child the definition of a simile and see if they can give you some examples. I was really impressed to hear them being used in students’ creative writing today!

The Sniffles
Thank you to everyone who has contributed a box of tissues to the classroom. If you haven’t already, and are able to contribute one, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A note from Mr Blight: Winter sports registrations are now open!

Parents can now register their students to play Netball, Football, Basketball or Soccer in Terms 2 and 3.

More information about each sport and the registration details can be found in the attached PDF:

After school sports can’t happen without a huge amount of parent participation. Please consider if you can contribute by taking on a coaching, managing or coordinator role.

You can register online at:

Please be quick as registrations will close on Friday 9th March!

That’s all for now!

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Week 3 Update

Welcome to Room 2’s blog!

It was great to see so many families at acquaintance night.

Just some general information to get us going.


In week 2 of term 2 we will be attending camp with room 4. The dates will be Monday the 7th of May to the Wednesday 9th of May. Further information will be provided later in the term.


At acquaintance night I handed out an overview of this terms curriculum focus areas. If you didn’t receive one I have attached a copy for you.


On Monday of week 4 students will be enrolling their BYODs with help from our tech staff. If your child will be using their own device please send it to school with them on Monday so that we can get them all set up.

A Kind Favour

If you could please remind students that whilst school does provide many platforms for socialisation, students must realise that their behaviour and social relationships within the classroom will have a negative impact on their learning if they cannot distinguish between the two. All students have great potential to grow throughout the year but need to apply themselves consistently within the classroom environment to achieve this. This might mean leaving majority of their social interactions to before and after school, recess, lunch and fruit time. I appreciate any additional support you can give on this.


That’s all for now. Have a great weekend and don’t forget tomorrow (Friday) is a pupil free day!

term overwiew (Autosaved)-1a9nhqs

Jess Roberts




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