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What’s happening in week 9

Hi everyone

Sadly, the last week of the year is here. Whilst most teachers are super excited for the break, I am really going to miss this amazing class.

Everyone in the school is winding down but not us! We are ramping up ready for class party, graduation and the aquatic centre excursion. So here is what our week looks like…


  • Last Footsteps session
  • Class party activities followed by our shared lunch!
  • Graduation Set up – Please encourage students to keep practising their speech at home as it must be delivered without prompts


  • Graduation run through
  • Books will go home and trays emptied out. Please give students a bag to take their things home in. The Coles reusable cooler bags are handy for this.
  • Graduation dinner and ceremony in evening


All day excursion to the Marion Aquatic Centre. Students will need to bring the following:

  • Drink bottle
  • Recess and lunch (or money to buy from the kiosk)
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes
  • googles if needed


  • Assembly
  • Year 7 signing of shirts – These need to be spare shirts brought in to sign. Students cannot sign shirts whilst being worn.




Week 8 done and dusted

Well this has been a crazy week but in the words of room 2’s concert song, we have survived! Students did an amazing job!

Unfortunately in the business of class placements and reports, I forgot to send home a flyer outlining our shared lunch on Tuesday. The shared lunch will be for all students in room 2.

Hopefully this message finds you in time for weekend prep 🙂

Have a a great weekend and stay cool!

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Staff met this morning and have decided upon the following adjustments to ensure student safety and wellbeing due to the projected high temperature.

1.    The concert start will be delayed until 7:00pm, with the pre-concert items now starting at 6:30pm

2.    Therefore children now need to report to their classrooms at 6:45pm

3.    Teachers will limit the time the students will be outside watching items, spending 10 to 15 minutes in their air-conditioned rooms prior to their performance and another 10 to 15 minutes afterwards before coming to watch some other performances

4.    We will maximise the use of any shade if we can still view the performances

5.    Parents may choose to collect their child and leave to go home after your child performs, however you will need to do so from the classroom once the students leave the stage

6.    We ask that you do not collect your child while they are sitting on the grass when other classes are performing

7.    Teachers will continue to monitor their students during the night and younger students in particular may spend less time outside than the older students

8.    All classes will be on the oval watching the final acts

9.    We have hired 2 mist fans to help with the heat

10. We understand that parents and caregivers know their children the best, so if these adjustments do not meet your needs please don’t come to the concert

If your child is attending please ensure that:

§  they have eaten and are hydrated before reporting to the classroom

§  sunscreen is applied before coming

§  they have a sun safe hat

§  they have a water bottle

Parents and carers are welcome to bring shade shelters however they will need to be set up in the nominated areas at the back and on the sides. Please look after yourself.

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School Concert Update

The weather forecast for tomorrow is for a maximum of 39 degrees. This is unfortunate, however logistically it is not possible to reschedule the concert to another time due to the availability of the many others who provide the necessary equipment and food options. This date is booked with these providers many months in advance. Our suppliers have other commitments to honour on Friday or next week. We either need to go ahead with some modifications or cancel it completely. We have spent too much time and effort to consider cancelling. As the concert does not start until 6:30pm, we anticipate that it will be a little cooler by this time.

As a school we will ensure that our students are not sitting in the direct sunlight for the whole 90 minutes. Staff are meeting before school tomorrow to consider measures and put plans in place to protect our students and staff. We will completely understand if some families and the elderly choose not to attend. Any parents, relatives and caregivers need to make sure they come prepared to sit on the oval and also protect themselves. We are fortunate that it is on the oval as some families may choose to erect some sun shade protection at the very back or side where they will still see and hear the concert. So in short, we will ensure we look after the students and we ask those attending to take every measure to look after themselves, even if this means not coming.


Concert booklets were distributed today 🙂

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Industrial Action – Thursday 29 November

For anyone who didn’t receive yesterday’s note.



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Week 7 update


With our concert quickly approaching please encourage students to practise our song at home. Dance moves will be revealed tomorrow! The following link is to the song and I have attached the lyrics.


Design Challenge

The following design task will be a focus of this week. We have a class Christmas tree that is in desperate need of decorations.


With a large number of students away this week due to transitions, homework will consist of the following to ensure everyone is up to date:

  • Concert practice
  • Ornament design preparation or collection of any specific materials (Due Friday)
  • Year 7 power points (Year 7s need to provide a slide of baby photos. Please encourage these to keep coming in so they are well prepared)


Please keep notes coming in. Please ask students to see me if they do not have a note.

  • End of year excursion
  • Graduation dinner (year 7s only)

Have a great week!

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Room 2 Update

Hi everyone

Sorry for the delay in posts. Report writing period is crazy!

Tomorrow (Friday) we have our class excursion to Christie Walk with room 1. Students will need to bring their recess, drink bottles, and hat. We recommend they bring a small backpack or disposable bag to carry things in so that large school bags can stay behind. We will be leaving at 9:00am so please be punctual. We will return by lunch time.

End of year excursion notes went home yesterday. There are two forms that need to come back. As it is a water based excursion, we will need a ratio of 1 adult to 10 students. This means we need at least two parent helpers if possible who have both their RAN and DCSI clearance. If you are available to help out, please contact me.

End of year concert – As you may have heard, rooms 2 and 3 will be performing a mash up of I will survive and I’m a survivor at the end of year concert. The costume these will be like ‘Survivor’ the TV show e.g. camo/khaki clothes, bandannas, clack war paint, like an island survivor etc. If you have any issue sources costumes please let Mrs Woodlands know as she is always happy to help out.

Photo sourcing

A few weeks ago I posted about students taking some photos of their life, environment, local area etc. We are recreating a version of the book Mirror by Jeanie Baker. Students are using book creator to design picture book comparing their partner’s and their life to the life of someone in another country. If students can get some photos over the weekend, that would be great.

Year 7’s also need to collect some baby photos to add to their Graduation power point. Can you please remind them to either bring a photo on a USB or email them so thy are available at school.

2019 SRC executive speeches – Tomorrow (Friday) after lunch, the shortlisted potential SRC execs for next year will be delivering their speech to the year 5/6/7s. Students will then vote.

Student of the Year – The speeches and voting for Student of the Year will happen next Friday (week 7) morning among the year 7 group. I am giving you the date just to avoid any students potential being away.

Thanks 🙂


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Room 2 news

Week 4 recap

It was busy in room 2 last week trying to fit everything into 4 days. We had a successful first session of Footsteps, the year 7s started their graduation prep, students continued on with their place and liveability projects, Simone did some poetry work with students, we simulated a student horse race to discuss probability using dice and we took votes for our end of year concert song (results to be announced Monday).

Week 5 update

This week is just as busy with the following and more:

HASS – Assignments are due on Friday this week. Students who are not using their time effectively enough to have these finished will need to catch up for homework as well.

Science – Tomorrow a homework task will be given for students to conduct a Home Energy Survey. These are due Wednesday ready for the next part of our lesson.

Maths – We will be covering ratios throughout the week in maths and integrating some data collection, display and analysis within our science unit.

Reading – Finishing our class novel there will be a response question to be completed each day. Unfinished responses will need to be completed for homework. Completed responses due Friday.

Writing – We will be exploring some examples of movie reviews and taking notes to begin our own.



  • Please return the excursion not as soon as possible. Don’t forget to check that all parts necessary have been signed. Also if you have a current DCIS and RAN certification and are available to help out, please let me know.
  • The year 7 graduation notes are also due in as soon as possible.

Year 7 Uniform Fitting

  • A reminder that this Wednesday, 14 Nov, year 6s that are attending next year will be fitted for their year 7 polo and jacket.


A general reminder that behaviour expectations for the remainder of the year are the same as always. There has been an increase in issues, especially at lunch time and when relief teachers are in for the day. Please remind students to make good choices in their actions and how they treat others, both peers and teachers. This way we can finish off the year on a positive note and enjoy the celebrations to come.

Enjoy your week everyone!

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Week 3 done and dusted

Week three has been full of excitement!

In science, room 2 simulated some mining with the help of birdseed. The aim was to use tweezers to mine “resources” from the environment (container of birdseed). Groups could cash in their resources at any time to make as much money as possible, however the prices fluctuated due to supply and demand. We then had a great discussion about all the challenges that can implicate the mining process.

In HASS we have just been introduced to a new assignment. Using the Dollar Street website, we have been looking at a range of families across the world. We will be using this resource and others to compare the liveability of our own locations and that of a family across the world. Today we used an excel spreadsheet to graph the average monthly income of some of these countries across the world. The assignment sheet has been attached, however this will be an in class task.

liveability assignment-1id09vs

As a part of our Child Protection Curriculum, the topic of discussion this week has been abuse. It is a rather sensitive subject but students have created a safe environment within the classroom for questions and discussion. Please remind students that the content of discussion should not be treated as a casual lunch time chat. If students have genuine questions or concerns they are encouraged to speak to their parents or a teacher. It is likely that students might become curious and have follow up questions. It would be greatly appreciated if you could have a conversation with your child to ensure they are feeling comfortable about the topic and know they can come to you for information if necessary.


Year 6 – A note went home today about year 7 uniforms for next year. The uniform company will be coming into school on Wednesday of week 5 to size students for their shirts and jackets. It would be great if the year 6s who are attending next year were at school this day, thanks.

Year 7 – A note regarding year 7 graduation has gone home today. It outlines the schedule for graduation night, Wednesday 12th December (Week 9), as well as the payment form for graduation dinner.

Transition Days

With the numerous transition days for schools coming up, it was be great if you could let me know what date your child will be attending theirs. Either by passing on the information with the student, emailing, or writing a note in the diary. This way it helps with programming of lessons and I can avoid necessary things being on a day with a large number of students away.

Thanks 🙂

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What’s on in room 2

Well we are two weeks through already but there is a lot to get through before we start celebrating with holidays again!


As a part of our Place and Liveability unit students will be comparing aspects of their lives to others around the world. Already this term we have had discussions about some things that impact liveability. In preparation for our project it would be great if students could begin to take photos of their community. Housing (can even be a hand drawn house plan), local surroundings (shops, transport, education, sports or hobbies, nearby facilities). The aim is to determine the things that improve or impede liveability. We will use these photos for our assignment therefore they need to be accessible from school either through BYOD, USB or email.


Please don’t forget that the homework task ‘Music with a message’ inquiry, is due this Thursday. Students will be presenting them on Thursday or Friday this week.


A reminder that Monday of Week 4 this term is a Pupil Free Day.


TERM 4 Overview

Attached is our term 4 overview. Please be mindful that we will be covering the Child Protection Curriculum this term. This often sparks follow up questions at home. Please let me know if you have any questions or issues.

Term 4 Overview-1ifhs97

Thanks 🙂


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